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Microsoft Exchange

Communication is at the core of any business and Microsoft Exchange is the tool that delivers it, through email communication, calendars and shared public folders. Companies often opt to host their Microsoft Exchange Servers on premise to allow granular control over how their business communicates with itself and the outside world.

MFM-IT understands how sensitive companies are to communication for their growth and development. MFM-IT have a great deal of experience designing, deploying and configuring both large and small Microsoft Exchange Server products in various complex configurations like DAG, high availability and redundancy setups.

It is through this experience that MFM-IT believe we can deliver the best solutions for your company.

MFM-IT will always aim to bring you the most cost effective and efficient solution, to match your business requirements. All projects are completed using our Microsoft Certified engineers to a high standard and at a time to suit you, causing the least possible disruption to your business.

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