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Microsoft Office 365 is a hosted suite of software packages that houses all the familiar Microsoft productivity applications that you are used to, such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and Skype for Business. These are brought to you in an entirely different way the cloud.

This allows your employees to work flexibly from many different types of device at any location. More importantly it frees your company from expensive IT infrastructure to run your production environment.

MFM-IT believe that we are the company to help change the way you run and administer your IT network by bringing you Microsoft Office 365.

MFM-IT will handle all system changes smoothly and efficiently, so that your users may never realise that they are using a hosted platform.

Microsoft Office 365 scales well to all business sizes. Be it a small business that does not have the time, money and space to house a large IT infrastructure or a large corporation that is looking to take advantage of the cross platform usability and removed single point of failure issues.

Through MFM-IT and Microsoft Office 365 start enjoying the freedom and flexibility of tomorrow’s technology today all whilst driving down the running cost of your IT infrastructure.

Key features of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Reduced running costs of IT infrastructure
  • Exchange service built into package
  • Skype for Business communication tool
  • Work from anywhere on almost any device
  • Anti-virus and spyware protection built in
  • Anti-Spam protection built in
  • High availability with no single point of failure
  • Disaster recovery, as Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud solution backups made for you

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