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MFM-IT offers virtualisation products and services from Microsoft Hyper-V Server and VMware. Virtualisation is rapidly becoming a key element in many IT networks due to the many benefits it brings at relatively low costs.

This is achieved because traditionally only a small percentage of a servers resources are used at any given point. Virtualisation allows businesses to utilize the full potential of their server hardware. Virtualisation brings the ability for one physical server to host multiple virtual machines utilising the systems full resources without the need to invest in extra hardware to run the additional servers. This saves money via the reducing of the capital expenditure that would have been involved in introducing a new server.

Virtualisation also provides the option of high availability and optimised performance. It can do this as it can dynamically assign physical resources based on the virtual machines current needs, because virtual machines are effectively files that can be run in a standardized environment they can be hosted on physically different hardware.

There are many virtual solutions to meet your networking demands and MFM-IT have extensive experience installing virtualised systems, so feel confident that we can work with you to plan, design, and implement the system that best suits your needs.

Key benefits of virtualisation:

  • Increased efficiency of physical hardware
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Smaller physical footprint of infrastructure
  • Microsoft Windows Server reduced licensing costs
  • Increased performance
  • Network stability
  • High Availability in a clustered configuration
  • Easy backup and disaster recovery
  • Easy patch/software testing

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