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Microsoft System Center - Data Protection Manager

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager is a continuous backup solution for your network. It backs up short term changes to a secondary hard drive then it ages to long term storage on Mass archive devices like a tape library. It is very flexible with its recovery and often rules out the need for restoration of files from tape. Users can often restore their own deleted files, without the need for outside help.

MFM-IT understands the importance of a good backup solution, it is inevitable that any business will have to restore data from backup at some point in time. In these occasions time to restore and up to date information are essential for example in large SQL databases.

At MFM-IT we will design systems to meet your backup needs. Taking the time and care to liaise with you and make strategies that directly reflect the way your business runs.

We use an experienced and knowledgeable team of Microsoft Certified engineers to carry out works on your systems. By using a dedicated experienced work force, we ensure that we maintain a professional and courteous service from the design to implementation of our projects. Delivered on time and to specification.

Key features of Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager:

  • Centralised management of system wide backup
  • Continuous live backup
  • Backup of individual software and services like:
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • SQL databases
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Easy, fast restoration of data
  • Granular restoration of objects, without the need to restore entire systems

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