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Mail Flow Monitoring

Mail Flow Monitor is a bespoke e-mail monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates to your email server and monitors mail flow into and out of your business. It achieves this by constantly looping a test e-mail between your mail server and ours. It can alert you if emails are not being sent or received by your email server and if they are taking longer than they should to send and receive.

The Mail Flow Monitor service is very cost effective with an annual subscription costing £84. It provides detailed information to prevent issues before they arise and resolve problems faster when they do occur, by helping to pinpoint exactly where the service is failing.

There is an application available to download to use Mail Flow Monitor or it can be accessed via a web based portal. Mail Flow Monitor can be setup to monitor a single email server or multiple email servers, with alerts either sent by email or directly to a mobile device via a 3rd party service.

Mail Flow Monitor takes minutes to setup and you can start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your email system is functioning the way it should be.

Questions you may ask when considering if Mail Flow Monitor is a good choice for you could be:

  • How reliant is my business on e-mails?
  • Would I lose out on trade if my email system went down?
  • Does having an email blackout affect my company’s image?

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