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Microsoft System Center - Virtual Machine Manager

Virtualisation is the next big step in IT and is the building block for cloud computing. With multiple hypervisors available all offering different advantages, administration of virtual networks can be laborious and time consuming. Virtual machine manager provides a single tool to administer, deploy and manage virtual machines from multiple providers, also supporting automated tasks to further simplify the running of your virtual network.

We at MFM-IT have a great deal of experience in virtualisation and offer a range of hosted products and services. It is through this passion and experience that MFM-IT believe we can design the best virtual solution to meet your business needs. This may be by using Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to virtualise your existing network or using it as a single point of control to manage and administer your existing virtual servers. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager is key software for the institution of private clouds and MFM-IT are confident that we are the company to realise your visions for your network.

Our implementations are carefully planned and executed at each stage to ensure your project is completed on time and in budget with minimal disruption to your users. At MFM-IT we will always strive to deliver a cost effective and friendly service.

Here are the key features of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager:

  • Centralised cross platform management
  • Automatic resource saving management
  • Fast physical to virtual deployment
  • Deploys multiple VM’s directly to cluster or NLB server
  • IP information automatically assigned
  • Smart server migration
  • Able to deploy VM’s to bare metal
  • Live statistics data on all running VM’s

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